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About us.

The Chamber of Engineering Technology is a body representing Registered Engineering Practitioners in South Africa. It is an Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) recognised Voluntary Association . ECSA is the South African statutory body which is constituted in terms of the Engineering Professions Act 46 of 2000.

The Chamber is thus an organisation with which ECSA liaises on all matters relating to Engineering Practitioners . The liaison includes education, qualifications, experience and registration matters. The Chamber through its nominated members serves on the ECSA Council, Executive, Education, Registration, University of Technology Accreditation and other committees.

The Chamber is a multi disciplinary, non political, voluntary association not for gain. It monitors engineering education and training standards and cares for the interests of its members wherever possible.

To place the formation of The Chamber and its relationship to the Engineering Council of South Africa in perspective one has to understand a little of the history of the engineering profession in South Africa. Please select the History button in the Index .

The Chamber publishes a regular newsletter, which is sent to all members and certain Universities of Technology, Government Departments and Officials, Parliamentarians and Politicians. Selected summary information from the Newsletter is also published on our Internet Websites.


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