November 2021

Notice of the Annual General Meeting.

Date: 26th November 2021.
Time 18h30

On Line Meeting.


  1. Welcome.
  2. Read the notice calling for the annual general meeting.
  3. Receive apologies for non-attendance and confirmation of attendance.
  4. Confirm the minutes of the previous AGM held on 21 November 2020.
  5. Read the annual financial statements.
  6. Receive the Chairman’s Report.
  7. Appointment of Auditors.
  8. Vote for incoming Council members. The Council shall consist of the following members;


Two Vice Chairpersons;


The Immediate Past-Chairperson is not voted into office, as the post is automatic by reason of the member’s past position.

The above members form the Executive committee.

 Extra members to assist;
Company / Patron members representative
Non Corporate members representative
More members than noted above may be elected or co-opted to the Council, but not the Executive.

  1. Announce the new Council and Executive members.
  2. Appointment of Chief Administration Officer.
  3. A Brief Information, Questions & Answers Session.
  4. Close the formal part of the meeting.

 Please RSVP before the 10h00 on the 25 th November 2021 so that we can register you and send you the required meeting link.

E Mail

Please go to the Annual General Meeting in the index on the left to access the AGM Notice and forms for use.

If you have any problem send us an E Mail and we will try to assist.

 Please Note;

Any member in good standing is eligible to stand for election to Council. You may nominate yourself.

If you know of any member who is willing to stand for election for Council, please ask them to confirm this in writing if they are not going to be present at the AGM. We need young active members!!

 Serving on COET Council: What it entails.

The most important role is to identify strategies and functions that should be executed to promote and strengthen COET and the role and image of the engineering practitioner, to assist in the execution of these functions where possible and to and provides an oversight role. Only members in good standing, not owing any membership fees, can serve on Council

COET Council is a voluntary, unpaid committee that runs COET, gives direction and ideas, decide on what needs to be done. Due to the new normal brought about by Covid , most decisions are to be made by electronic media such as E mails and a What’s App group. There are usually 3 or 4 online Zoom meetings a year for further discussion, mostly after business hours.


August 2021 News.


 No. 1.              Former ECSA President dies.

No. 2.              Letter from ECSA regarding the identification of engineering work.

No. 3               Privacy Notification.

 No. 4.              ECSA Recognises Computer & Mechatronic Engineering.

No. 5.              Reminder; ECSA. CPD Requirements for 2020 Relaxed!

 No. 6.              Adverts.

 No. 7.              Snippets.

No. 8.              Lost Members.

No. 9.              Forum on Talks on Registration with ECSA

No. 10.             Unsubscribe.

No. 11.              Disclaimer.



For the latest engineering news see the August Newsletter. 

On opening scroll down index on the left to the Latest Newsletter, click and all the newsletters are shown. Click on the Months Newsletter file to open or download the PDF file. It only takes a few seconds to download.

 Don’t be left in the dark, read all the news!!

You snooze you lose!


For information on the Chamber of Engineering Technology (COET) see below. 

Contact Details


142 Celebration Estate

Private Bag  X 33

North Riding



Tel  062 585 7022

E Mail

Kindly note that the office is staffed by volunteers on a part time basis.

Messages received are normally answered the next working day.

See Latest Newsletter for useful information.

This Website has the minimum of photos and graphics so as to keep the file sizes small as this assists fast downloading for persons on old and slow internet connections.


About us.

The Chamber of Engineering Technology is a body representing Registered Engineering Practitioners in South Africa. It is an Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) recognised Voluntary Association . ECSA is the South African statutory body which is constituted in terms of the Engineering Professions Act 46 of 2000.

The Chamber is thus an organisation with which ECSA liaises on all matters relating to Engineering Practitioners . The liaison includes education, qualifications, experience and registration matters. The Chamber through its nominated members serves on the ECSA Council, Executive, Education, Registration, University of Technology Accreditation and other committees.

The Chamber is a multi disciplinary, non political, voluntary association not for gain. It monitors engineering education and training standards and cares for the interests of its members wherever possible.

To place the formation of The Chamber and its relationship to the Engineering Council of South Africa in perspective one has to understand a little of the history of the engineering profession in South Africa. Please select the History button in the Index .

The Chamber publishes a regular newsletter, which is sent to all members and certain other  important paersons. Selected summary information from the Newsletter is also published on our Internet Websites.

ECSA Certificate of recognition as an approved Voluntary Association is shown below as a downloadable file.
ECSA Certificate of License for CPD is also shown below as a downloadable file.


EcsaVaCertificate2018 to 2023.doc EcsaVaCertificate2018 to 2023.doc
Size : 1190 Kb
Type : doc
EcsaCpdLicensedBody2021.doc EcsaCpdLicensedBody2021.doc
Size : 2162.5 Kb
Type : doc

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