Continuing Professional Development (CPD). General Details of the Scheme.


After many years the process of consultation and debate with stakeholders in the profession, including voluntary associations such as ours, the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) approved a formal system affecting all registered engineering practitioners. This came into affect from 1st January 2006.


CPD may be defined as "the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of

knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout an engineering practitioners career".


The Engineering Profession Act 46 of 2000 requires that registered practitioners have to renew their registration at regular intervals. ECSA decided that the most appropriate way to implement the Act would be to link renewal of registration with CPD.


ECSA has attempted to design a system that is not a millstone around the necks of

registered practitioners. A reasonable system of earning points or credits has been devised. This system includes attendance at educational / academic courses as well as work-based activities. The 5 credits per year or 25 credits to be acquired over a 5-year period should be easily achieved with the three categories of CPD. While a minimum of 3 credits must be earned per year, excess credits can be carried over.


A very brief summary of CPD requirements follows;

Category 1 which requires 2 credits per year has proved to be the most difficult and controversial. It is however not difficult to attend 2 accredited Courses / Seminars a year.

Category 2 awards workers 2 credits for just working more than 800 hours a year!

Category 3 awards members of an ECSA recognised Voluntary Association 1 credit for membership.


A misconception that only Civil practitioners may attend Civil course is incorrect. Any discipline can attend other discipline courses if they are of interest and relevant to that particular practitioners profile. (For example Financial courses affect all and not only accountants)!


The above is not the full or detailed requirements or methods of obtaining credits. See newsletters about CPD courses and news and check out the next mini CPD list on this Website.



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 See Sept 2018 Newsletter for an intersting list!!

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