Failed E mail and Lost Members list. March 2019.

The following members newsletters are not delivered , rejected

or treated as Spam by their computers, companies

&/or service providers. Post to these members also comes back marked unknown.

Please check and if your name is on this list, make appropriate

arrangements to fix this problem as we cannot fix it from our end.

Please use the Information Update forms which are available on this site and also from our office.

The use of a personal valid and working E mail address and not a company E mail address is also preferred.

Please download the PDF file to check on your E mail status. It is not a large file and should not take more than 30 seconds to download.

No personal details are given in this file, only the persons name. 


CET2018FailedEMails.pdf CET2018FailedEMails.pdf
Size : 88.097 Kb
Type : pdf
InfoUpdateFormCombined2017.xls InfoUpdateFormCombined2017.xls
Size : 41.5 Kb
Type : xls
EMailNewsFailureStdLtter.doc EMailNewsFailureStdLtter.doc
Size : 31 Kb
Type : doc

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