CET Constitution. 

  The constitution was tabled and approved at the AGM in March 2009.

A few minor changes to streamline processes are presented to members below for approval.


Hi all members,

The following minor changes of the Chamber of Engineering Technology Constitution are required.

Please see below.

(The full old constitution is available on our Website www.engineeringchamber.yolasite.com

See Constitution Details, see the index down the left side of the site).


You are invited to comment on the changes and indicate whether you support them or not. In any E Mails to us on this matter please indicate your last name, initials and membership number.

The final version of the changes after receipt of comments will be circulated to all members for approval. The final approval will be tabled at the forthcoming AGM.


Under the Introduction;


The Chamber has grown over the years. (and now includes it’s division, the Lifting Equipment  Engineering Association of South Africa (LEEASA) under its wing. THIS TO BE DELETED as LEEASA broken away from COET).



Under Meetings;

8.1  Notices and agendas of meetings shall under normal circumstances be served on Council Members and on committee members at least two weeks prior to a scheduled meeting. In case of extraordinary or emergency circumstances a shorter period of notice may be acceptable. Notification by Electronic means such as E Mail, SMS messages, or Website notices etc will be used. Notification etc. will not be by hard copy post. (This addition is required as the postal service is unreliable and slow).



COET Admin

E Mail engineer@netactive.co.za

Tel 011 787 9706

Fax 086 664 7963


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