Publication Policy.


Our policy is to be informative but not to compete with Newspapers or Engineering Journals. We try to give a selective rational overview of the engineering scene relative to our members. We endeavour to cover matters of importance that might not make it into the general press. While we publish regularly, we may not always have the latest scandal!

 Articles/ Letters to the Editor.

We encourage members to submit articles or letters to the Editor for publication.

Articles and pictures submitted should be non-commercial in their content and intent, and relevant to the scope and target audience of the association, namely the engineering and science field. This includes all disciplines from Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Telecommunication, IT, Computers, Lifting Equipment etc.
Appropriate subject matter comprises:

Awards, achievements and good news

Open industry events

Failures, disasters and bad news

Dangers to workers and the public

Poor maintenance

Public and occupational health and safety

Non-compliance with compulsory or safety standards

Environmental non-compliances

Consumer and quality issues

Unfair business practices

Corruption and fraud

Exposé’s and whistle-blowing

Views, comment and opinion

In general articles / letters submitted to us anonymously will not be considered. However it is recognised that in some cases there may be good reason why the confidentiality of the author(s) should be maintained. In such cases, such good reason must be provided


The Editor reserves the right to shorten and edit letters / articles or reject them for publication where he deems it fit to do so.


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