Skills Assessment, Immigration, and Work Permits.        (Date 2014/08/01)

There seems to be some misintrepation by officials in the rules pertaining to skills assessment and membership. We do not handle registration as Professionals unless they are registered with the Engineering Council of SA (ECSA). We encourage engineering students and practitioners to register with ECSA.

We cannot supply letters confirming skills. We can only confirm membership. We generally only accept applicants who have registered with ECSA or are studing at ECSA recognised institutions towards engineering Diploma's or B Tech degrees.

We regret to advise, that as far as we know, ECSA does not register Artisans or persons who are assessed as below NGF 7 level. SAQA evaluation is not necessarily accepted by ECSA. The  SAQA Certificate of Evaluation states this.

If you have a equivalent qualification to the SA National Diploma (S4 Level) or B Tech in engineering you are advised to apply for registration with ECSA. If ECSA register you , being the RSA Statutory body this should surely confirm your skills. ECSA has the expertise to assess Foreign Qualifications and does offer this service (at a fee).

For information on ECSA etc please visit their website You may contact ECSA at Private Bag X691 Bruma 2026 Tel 011 607 9500 Fax 011 622 9295 E mail

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