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In order to assist members in these difficult financial times and to improve networking opportunities between members, as well as helping one another in solving technical  problems, COET is compiling a database of members and their company‚Äôs competences.


This is FREE Service to COET members and will be made available to COET members. Also, but only with your permission, the database may be made available on our Website and another (yet to be launched) Website.

The free advertising should help fellow COET members and also bring in further work opportunities.


The list will be divided initially into following categories, specialties /competences and thereafter in alphabetical order.


As much or as little information as you wish may be included. Note that COET reserves the right to shorten and summarize descriptions given to ensure that the list does not become too cumbersome to handle. No graphics or pictures are allowed.


  1. Category:- Agricultural, Aeronautical, Chemical, Civil Construction, Civil Structural,  Electrical (both heavy and light current), Electronics, Computers, Information Technology, Industrial Communication and Measurement, Radio, Broadcasting etc. Hobbies may be included if you wish, but please indicate it as a hobby.
  2. Speciality/competency: Parts manufacturer/supplier, Nuclear, Servicing, Construction, Consulting etc.
  3. Membership Number
  4. Company Name / Self employed
  5. Company Registration and VAT numbers
  6. Postal Address
  7. Telephone and Fax numbers
  8. Web Address
  9. E.mail Address


If you wish to be included in this list please indicate your acceptance of this offer by printing, signing and dating the form below.







     AND  Please print your name, sign and date here accept the offer and prove that you have the authority to do so.







     AND Finally print, sign, and date here to give your approval for placing your information on our Website and alternate      (yet to be launched) Website.






NOTE: Acceptance of the above can be cancelled at any time in writing. Unless otherwise stated this signed form indicates acceptance of this offer for a period up to 31 December 2021



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