COET, P.O. BOX 1269, FERNDALE 2160.

Tel/Fax 011 787 9706                                                        201802/28


In order to assist members in these difficult financial times and to improve networking opportunities between members, as well as helping one another in solving technical  problems, COET is compiling a database of members and their company‚Äôs competences.

 This is FREE Service to COET and IPET members and will be made available to COET and IPET members. Also, but only with your permission, the database may be made available on our Website and on another Website. ( See

The free advertising should help fellow COET and IPET  members and also bring in further work opportunities.

 Please contact the office by E mail for the correct and up to date form to complete.

E mail

Fax 086 664 7963

or 011 787 9706

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