The December 2019 COET Newsletter is available as a download PDF file below.

Previous Newsletters are also available as PDF downloads shown below.

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See also our Web site for services that members offer.

Update your contact details.

As we have indicated in previous newsletters we will be doing away with postal service completely. This may then be the last posted invoice and news you will receive. Please ensure we have your correct contact details especially your E Mail address. Please also note that members who use Government, Municipal and some companies E mail address have E mails from us blocked. You need to sort this out at your end as we cannot fix this from our end. We recommend an individual private E mail address be used. An Information Update Form is attached as the last page to the September 2019 Newsletter. If you have any hassles send us an E mail and we will send you a fresh copy of the form.!

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2019DecFinalNewsletter.pdf 2019DecFinalNewsletter.pdf
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2019SeptFinalNewsLetter.pdf 2019SeptFinalNewsLetter.pdf
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2019JulyNewsLetter.pdf 2019JulyNewsLetter.pdf
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2019MayFinal.pdf 2019MayFinal.pdf
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Type : pdf
2019MarFinal.pdf 2019MarFinal.pdf
Size : 414.391 Kb
Type : pdf
2018DecFinal.pdf 2018DecFinal.pdf
Size : 302.205 Kb
Type : pdf
CalendarCOETMar to Dec2019.pdf CalendarCOETMar to Dec2019.pdf
Size : 370.772 Kb
Type : pdf
2018Augfinal.pdf 2018Augfinal.pdf
Size : 453.013 Kb
Type : pdf
2018Sept.pdf 2018Sept.pdf
Size : 542.949 Kb
Type : pdf
2018JuneFinal.pdf 2018JuneFinal.pdf
Size : 319.154 Kb
Type : pdf
2018JulyFinal.pdf 2018JulyFinal.pdf
Size : 426.785 Kb
Type : pdf

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