A Number of E Mailed Newsletters have been sent to members since Jan 2020. These were for members and have not been pasted here on the open Website.

The last open newsletter was May 2020 and it is available as a download PDF file below.

See also our Web site  http://engineersdirectory.co.za for services that members offer.

Extract from the May 2020 Newsletter is shown below.

 No 1.   Index.

No 2.   Jobless Survey.

No 3.   ECSA Fees.

No 4.   Annual Audit.

No 5.   LMI News.

No 6.   http://engineersdirectory.co.za/

No7.    Office News.

No 8.   Your Ideas pleases!

No 9.   Association Fees.

No 10. NSTF.

No 11. Snippets.

No 12. Jokes.

No 13 & 14.    Unsubscribe Option & Disclaimer &. O. & O. E

No 15.General Update Form.

 No 2.  Jobless Survey.
The recent request for information originating from the Department of Public works via ECSA was circulated to members. Unfortunately, due to information later received from ECSA and CBE, the data we had accumulated was not of use. This was mainly due to changed requests and some confusion as to exactly what was required. The format of the data was also not clear. A suggested template from the CBE only catered for Companies and not individuals, mentors etc.
Other Voluntary Associations have experienced the same problems.

 The net result is that this project has been put on hold and will await discussion and a way forward at the next South African Forum for Engineering (SAFE).The State appears to be willing to spend vast sums of money on all sorts of random activities. They should then also be prepared to spend money getting the sort of information that they require. Getting it free from Voluntary Associations such as ours may undermine its value right from the onset. The engineering profession and our association have provided piles of data in the past and it rarely added any value to the situation.

 SAFE, at its forth coming meeting, may decide to send a letter to ECSA, signed by the various VA’s declining the request for information, and instead requesting a list of vacant posts be made available from the State to be distributed to the members of the various organisations for their direct response.

 We therefore ask members not to forward any further information to us until this whole question has been clarified.

 For further information  download the full newsletter PDF file below.


COET Admin.

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